Friday, 6 April 2012

Day 5 - Juice/Smoothie Fasting

Since the first day of my juice fast i haven't had any cravings. I felt fine, maybe weaker (mentally).
Nevertheless, I researched a lot about juice fasting and releasing toxins from our bodies. Since i did not use any detoxing-super-foods-or-substances to help release toxins from my colon, i got little scared that they will come back to my blood stream ( as a read on some websites!)
 (it could be a good idea to clean colon etc etc, but i didnt!)
Therefore, i felt i wanted to introduce 1-smoothie per day to my juice diet, to help my colon.

And I feel great! I am so grateful, that I have found a huge papaya in Føtex - Danish supermarket; + some mangoes from Pakistan in the center of CPH, and i made a fresh great smoothie! OMG that was heaven!

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