Tuesday, 10 April 2012

INFO FOR NEWBIES & Students into RAW FOOD Recipes & Time of preparation//

INFO FOR NEWBIES & Students into RAW FOOD Recipes & Time of preparation//

Since, I am in the beginning of my FULLY Raw Food 100% Journey, like most of the newbies, I was searching for substitutes and dinners of "standard cooked diet", such us Pizzas, pastas, lasagnas, sandwiches, burgers, risotto, soups etc etc…

Again, like the most of Newbies into RAWesome lifestyle - we do not want to spend hours & hours in the kitchen preparing a dinner (as many receipes in the internet take a lot of time). Food should be tasty, and time of preparation should not discourage us from eating raw food.

Most of raw food dinners-recipes requires mixers, blenders, dehydrators and all kinds of machines! Not all of the equipment is available in every part of the world (at least you ship it for $$$!), or some do not want to invest in the beginning in all of the food processors. I understand that, (as a 21-year-old-student with limited time to prepare food), therefore I will try to "Remix" :-) famous, tasty recipes into easy FAST FOOD, and provide more info on my blog. NO EXCUSES, if you want to be RAW, nothing will stop you :-)

Nevertheless, raw food is about love to food. I think, we should find time and peace in our hearts, to not treat our stomach as a rubbish, but filled with precious nutrients which provides us mental, physical and spiritual satisfaction. Time will pass. Time will always pass, no matter what you put today into your stomach. Time will pass. Let's use it intelligently.


with love,
raw winter girl!

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