Friday, 6 April 2012

Fresh Food Festival

Last year I made a short trailer from the only one in Europe... Raw Food Vegan Festival.

Good news! It is now possible to register for 2012!
Fresh Food Festival 2012// 12th – 15th July Lolland, DENMARK

Raw Food Festival in Denmark, Lolland
Promoting low fat raw vegan diet since 2009 !
What are you looking for?

Healthy Lifestyle?
Better Health?
More Energy?
Raw Food?
Optimal Nutrition?
Sports Performance?
Mental Health?
Yoga, Tai Chi?
Social Contact?
Music and Dance?
Natural surroundings

Come and enjoy it all this year at the Fresh Food Festival!

Lectures by leading raw food experts including Dr Douglas Graham. Delicious and healthy raw food – all meals included in festival fee. Activities for body and mind: Yoga, dancing, outdoor fitness. Wonderful people – lots of potential new friends!

Filmed in July 2011 by// maggie

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